Patient Story: Diabetes Pain Cream

Mr. S.C.

Mr. S.C. had diabetes for many years. He was a regular customer who, month after month, came in for his prescriptions. Among them were meds for neuropathy secondary to diabetes. When he mentioned that the meds were not helping, the pharmacist talked to him about the pain creams that we compound. On his request, the pharmacist contacted his physician, who called in a pain cream prescription. We compounded the cream and called Mr. S.C. in for it. Early the following morning, Mr. S.C. called, excited that for the first time he’d had more than 6 hours of sleep. Shortly after, the physician called to discuss how his other patients could benefit from compounded pain cream prescriptions. And sure enough, they did benefit. We made believers of the physician and his patients. The physician was able to tweak the percentages of the various medications in his prescriptions to suit the patients’ individual needs. The pain creams we compounded as a result were customized to suit each individual need.

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