We are unique in our diversity, beautiful in our differences, and each of us has unique health concerns. One size can NOT always fit all when it comes to medication. Customizing your medicine is an excellent solution to a variety of issues or to meet specific needs.


For instance, to manage chronic pain, that is, pain that persists over a long period of time, we could work with your health care provider to customize a prescription that takes into account and avoids uncomfortable side effects from continued use of strong pain medication, such as stomach irritation.

Instead of a capsule or tablet, a patient could perhaps get their medication in the form of a topical cream or spray, as a troche that dissolves under the tongue, a nasal spray, or a suppository.

For people taking several medications, these might be combined into a single dose of a specially prepared compound that combines two or more medications into a single capsule, so that they don’t have to carry and swallow so many pills.

Perhaps you have a particular sensitivity to an ingredient in your medication, such as sugar, lactose, or alcohol. We can customize it to give you what you need without the ingredients that don’t work well for you.

This customization process is called Compounding.


We can customize medications into more appropriate dosage methods to suit specific needs, including:

  • Sublingual drops
  • Oral sprays
  • Nasal Sprays
  • Lollipops
  • Rectal solutions
  • Suppositories

Come into the pharmacy, contact us, or have your doctor call us to discuss your medication customization needs.