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You can synchronize your child’s prescriptions to a single monthly pick-up…

If your child is on more than one medication for an extended period of time, trips to the pharmacy for refills can become time consuming. You still have a good supply of one medication, but the other is finished, then a few weeks later you run out of the other and have to make the trip all over again. This can be frustrating and time consuming. NewSpring Pharmacy now has a service to make this process more convenient for you. We can synchronize all your child’s meds so they all come due for refill at the same time. This means you only need to pick them up once a month.

When you join the pharmacy’s synchronization program, the pharmacy will keep up to date on changes and refills, as well as work with your doctor to assess and evaluate concerns like interactions and dosing issues when you come in to pick the meds.

Recently a patient consulted us when she failed to get relief from a medication formulated at another pharmacy. The medical team went through an assessment process and discovered that the medication had been formulated with the wrong concentration. When this was remedied the patient was able to get relief.