Patient Story: Compounding for Crohn’s and IBS

Ms. A.B.

Ms. A.B. has Crohn’s and IBS. When we first met her she was having trouble getting medication for the various conditions she was dealing with. She came into the pharmacy by accident, thinking we were a LabCorp location. As we gave her directions, she noticed that we were a compounding pharmacy and asked whether we could customize meds. We said “yes,” so she pulled out a list of meds, left it on the counter, and rushed to her lab appointment. When she came back we informed her that we could customize all her medications. We further offered her a choice of fillers and told her that the probiotic Acidophilus was the most popular. She was very happy. We now compound all her medications, including over-the-counter medications like Tylenol and her anti-biotics, when she needs them. We have a happy customer!

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