State of the Art
Compounding Facility

We care about your health. In order to provide you with the best quality medications, the NewSpring compounding lab meets and exceeds all state and federal non-sterile compounding lab requirements.

Our Pharmacists and Technicians are specially trained to prepare high quality specialized compounded medications.Our lab technicians wear appropriate lab clothing including hairnets, masks and gloves to ensure the high quality of compounds, and medication ingredients are measured in a hood to prevent cross-contamination. The facility and equipment are kept scrupulously clean and sanitized by our hard-working crew.

We are a Compounding pharmacy on West McDowell Road in Avondale, Arizona, that recognizes the diversity of our customers and strongly believes that one size does NOT always fit all when it comes to your medication.

As a full-service pharmacy, we fill any prescription, while our specialization in compounding gives you the added opportunity to have your medicine customized, in consultation with your healthcare provider.

Wellness is not just about filling prescriptions, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with information to maintain good health, and services to support your recovery.

Our promise to you… courteous, timely service, out-of-the-box individual solutions, and continuing cooperation with you and your doctor.
Because Your Wellness Matters!

Specialized lab equipment

Specialized lab equipment and processes ensure quality from beginning to finished product.This includes an ointment mill that prepares pharmaceutical-grade gels and ointments that are also cosmetically pleasing, and a capsule machine that prepares multiple capsules to the required dosage.

Delivering quality products

Keeping meticulous record of what goes into the product we deliver to you is important. We use top-of-the-line compounding software to track ingredients from source to complete medication dispensed.