Every time Kitty cat came close, Archie would sneeze. It wasn’t a little sneeze, but a great big ATCHOOO that made him do a funny little jump. If Archie played with Puppy dog, he sneezed so loud that if you were standing next to him, YOU would do a little jump. His eyes itched and he rubbed his nose until it was as red as a beetroot.
Archie had allergies.
He was allergic to Kitty and Puppy. He was allergic to many other things too – flowers in Spring, dust in the attic, and even carrots. Yes, Archie was allergic to carrots, which made life difficult because he was a rabbit, you see. And young rabbits love carrots more than anything else. Every time he ate a carrot, he itched all over his body and had to spend ten minutes scratching. His mom had to put mittens on his hands so he wouldn’t hurt himself.
“Why does Archie have such terrible allergies?” Archie’s mom asked the doctor?
“Archie’s body is just trying to protect him from anything that might harm him; things like cat or dog hairs and dust and pollen. But it works too hard to fight these things and so poor Archie sneezes and scratches and rubs his eyes! Keep him away from Kitty and Puppy as much as you can,” the doctor said.

Common allergies
In addition to Pollen, Dust, Pets, Insects and Food, some people are allergic to a Medicine or to something in their medicine. They have to take an alternative or get their medicine specially made to leave out the ingredient that causes the medicine.

Can we help?
Parents, come into NewSpring Pharmacy if you or your child are allergic to something in your prescription medicine such as dye or gluten. We can reformulate the medicine to avoid or replace the allergy causing items.

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