Holiday Craft

Make a Bell Jar Ornament
Making a holiday ornament with the kids is great fun and something the whole family can do together. It may even turn into a treasured family tradition. Bell jar ornaments are a fun craft to try, made from these items that you have in the house or can pick up at your local craft store and dollar store. You will need:

Plastic wine glasses without bases
Empty cereal box
Decorative paper
Trinkets (Santa, Reindeer, Pine cones, Christmas trees, etc)
Ribbon or pipe cleaner


1. Cut circles from the cereal boxes and decorative paper (slightly bigger than the size of the wine glass rims).

2. Glue the decorative paper circles on the cardboard circles.

3. Glue your trinkets on the cardboard circle.

4. Decorate the wine glass with glitter and glue it, rim down, on the decorated cardboard circle.

5. For use as a tree ornament, attach ribbon or pipe cleaner.

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