Every parent knows their kid is unique. Even identical twins are unique individuals. Here are some important reasons why we customize kid’s medication.

Allergies: Your child’s medication is supposed to help them feel better; but that’s not going to happen if your child is allergic to an ingredient in the medication. If your child is sensitive to an additive or coloring in their medication, we can compound the medication without that ingredient or replace it with an appropriate substitute.

Special needs: If your child has a condition such as a seizure disorder or congenital challenges they may be particularly sensitive to certain ingredients. Some children, for instance, may be affected by the dye in some medications.

Diaper rash: Barrier creams and ointments can be infused with antifungals, antibiotics or other prescription medications, to suit the patient’s needs.

Liquid: Children usually have difficulty swallowing tablets and capsules. Their prescriptions that come in these difficult to take forms can sometimes be compounded into liquid form.

Rapid Disintegrating Tablets (RDT): These dissolve in the mouth without the need for chewing or water, which is helpful for a child who has difficulty swallowing tablets.

Taste: Feeling unwell is bad enough; terrible tasting medicine doesn’t make it any easier. When it’s time for your child’s meds, a flavor like bubble gum or chocolate and an attractive color might help.

Call or come in to NewSpring Pharmacy if you need to have medication customized for kids, adults, or even for your pets.

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